Welcome to the Porkkala Parenthesis

How about spending a day touring an area that offers something for everyone: fascinating landmarks, good food, idyllic unspoiled countryside, opportunities to go canoeing or kayaking, fishing or hiking through the forest? All of them combined with exciting local history? You’re in the right place!

“Porkkala Parenthesis” is the name given to the leasing of the Porkkala region to the Soviet Union from 1944-1956. Since 1999, with help from the EU, the Porkkala Parenthesis association has been supporting the establishment of a network of tourist entrepreneurs. Now consisting of more than 50 companies, services provided by the network range all the way from overnight accommodation to the chance to get close to nature, and every member company offers something special. Porkkala Parenthesis has become a high-quality tourist brand, and work to further extend the concept continues – the fact that visitors can now choose from a selection of 15 different tour packages is just one example.

Details of current offerings can always be found on the Porkkala Parenthesis website, and we are also featured on major tourist portals such as Visit Finland. The Porkkala Parenthesis association was a prime mover in establishing the Porkkala Travel sales organisation, and the products on offer can also be ordered using this channel.

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Porkkalan Parenteesi

Porkkalan Parenteesi

Porkkalan alue; Kirkkonummi, Siuntio ja Inkoo tarjoaa upeita luonto ja kulttuurielämyksia vuoden ym

1.10 Mielenkiintoinen retki Siuntiossa 13–16 Tutustu Siuntioon! Opastettu kiertoajelu bussissa, hinta 10 euroa. Järjestäjä: Porkkalan Parenteesi ry. Lähtö Sivistyskampus Siuntion sydämen vierestä, Puistopolku 2.Käymme opas Susanne Ekströmin johdolla Villa Miinassa, jossa näemme mm. Miina Sillanpään huoneen. Matka jatkuu Siuntion kotisetumuseolle, missä mm tutustutaan Mona Leon marinettinukkeihin ja Porkkala vuokra-aikaan. Retken päätteeksi tutustutaan Tuiskulan Farmiin.Retken pääkieli on suomi mutta kuulemme myös ruotsia ja englantia matkan aikana.Osta lippu shop.porkkala.net ... See MoreSee Less
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Siuntion päivien aikana (1.10) järjestämme opastetun retken linja-autolla Siuntiossa. Oppaana toimii Susanne Ekström. Tutustutaan Villa Miinaan, Kotiseutu museoon ja Tusikula Farmin toimintaan. shop.porkkala.net ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Porkkalan Parenteesi
Upea "kesäpäivä" ruskan väreissä tänään Siuntion joella. Vapaaherranelämää Kalastus, fishing guide ja SE-Action Oy retkeilemässä ryhmien kanssa 🌞👍 ... See MoreSee Less
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Tourism services in Porkkala Parenthesis

Are you looking for tourism services nearby Helsinki? We offer a wide range of different historic tours and enjoyable activities to experience in our unspoiled countryside.

Group tours

Our sightseeing tours of the Porkkala Parenthesis can be tailored to your exact wishes. Have a look at the examples of the tours we organize. Quotations on request. Please contact us via Plan your day page or by e-mail myynti@porkkala.net and we will reply as soon as possible.

Kulture and history tours

Culture and history tours that we organize are for example

  • Aleksis Kivi’s Siuntio
  • Culinary Tour of Kirkkonummi
  • Porkkala Parenthesis Sightseeing
  • Local History Museums
  • The Greenest and Lushest Gardens
  • Children’s Day

Nature tours and experiences

Nature tours and experiences that we organize are for example

  • Hiking from Siuntio to Inkoo
  • Winter Day in Porkkala
  • Paddling on Siuntio River
  • Biking from Manor to Manor
  • Fishing in Inkoo and Siuntio

Porkkala Travel

Porkkala Travel -matkatoimisto

Porkkala Travel is a travel agency established as part of SE-Action in 2005 to provide a sales channel linked with marketing activities undertaken by the Porkkala Parenthesis association.

E-mail: myynti@porkkala.net
Tel. +358 9 256 4040