Nature tours and experiences

Below you can find examples of nature tours in Porkkala Parenthesis. Would you like a quote? Contact us through Plan your day page or by e-mail – we will reply as soon as possible!

Hiking from Siuntio to Inkoo

Guided hiking in the marine landscape. We start hiking from Störsvik in Siuntio, stop for a coffee break on the way and end our trip to Kopparnäs in Inkoo. Along the way we enjoy the magnificent coastal landscape and the sounds of marine nature, its flora and fauna. Peten Erä ja Elämys, a local nature guide, will create a delicious outdoor lunch for us. Kopparnäs was part of the Porkkala lease area. That is why this trip combines science with history, with a guide telling exciting and interesting stories from the post-war period.

Winter Day in Porkkala

Talvipäivä Porkkalassa

Spend a refreshing winter day outdoors in Porkkala. On the ice of the lake or the sea we ice fish, hike, snowshoe and snow sculpt, and of course tasty outdoor snacks are served between the activities. In the afternoon you can enjoy the speedy slopes of Peuramaa Ski, and at the end of the winter day we warm up the sauna and finish the perfect day with a delicious dinner.

Top Views

Huipulta näkee kauas

The Rävberget, a hill located in the Kopparnäs Recreational Area, offers far and vast sea views. The immense sea view relaxes the mind and stops the time. This view will be long remembered by many.

Also Siuntio’s highest hill, Krejanberget, offers stunning landscapes; color saturated countryside shaped by Mother Nature herself in perfect harmony with Suitia Castle and Church of Siuntio, built by human hands hundreds of years ago. For those interested in history the ancient rocky graves at the top of the hill add an extra bonus for the trip. Siuntio’s local history museum, which is also well worth a visit, is located just below the hill.

Paddling on Siuntio River

Experience the magnificent river of Siuntio. The landscape is like on river Amazon, only smaller in size, and you are eagerly looking forward to the view after each bend of the river. The route from Siuntio’s old Vicarage to the river mouth passes through two lakes, Tjusträsk and Vikträsk. Along the way you will find Sjundby’s medieval castle and the small rapid which used to be very important for the castle. It is not possible to paddle through the rapids, so you get to stretch your legs a little and carry your canoe or kayak for a short distance. Guided tours are organized in the castle during the summer and there is a summer cafe near the rapids. Perfect place for a picnic!

Sea Kayaking in Inkoo and Siuntio

Kayaking is a great way to explore the magnificent seascapes of both Inkoo and Siuntio. The area offers excellent opportunities for independent hiking and nature experiences. You can overnight in a tent and cook your food on open fire, or take advantage of the local quality dining and accommodation available.

Biking from Manor to Manor

The two manors of Siuntio, the Sjundby Manor and the Suitia Manor, are within a convenient cycling distance from each other. You can enter both manors with a guide. The bike path between the manors runs along low-traffic small roads in traditional rural landscapes. Along the way in Siuntio there is also the old gray stone church of St. Peter.

Wohls Manor Nature Trail

Nature trails run through varying landscapes, in partially protected groves. Along the paths you can find information about nature and various plant species. The oldest oaks along the trail are up to 300 years old. And when the lilies bloom, the scent is just intoxicating. The magnificent facilities of Wohls Manor are available for various occasions, as well as the on-demand restaurant

The Beautiful Archipelago of Inkoo

The breathtakingly beautiful Inkoo archipelago hides gems worth seeing and experiencing. The waterways are either crossed on board a fast Sea Adventure RIB-boat or a bit quieter on Rehnberg’s taxi boat Diana II. We travel across beautiful landscapes to Barösund where lunch will be enjoyed at Restaurant Scola, excellent food in beautiful surroundings that still reminds us that the place used to be a village school. After lunch, we jump back on board again and continue to Elisaari, a haven of oaks. The island’s nature trail goes around one of Finland’s largest oak forests. The lush green nature, the atmosphere and play of sunlight through the leafs of  the deciduous forest leaves no one cold.

Fishing in Inkoo and Siuntio

The archipelago in Siuntio and Inkoo provide a wonderful setting for a successful fishing trip. We start our day with a breakfast at the Delta Café in the harbor of Inkoo and then board on a boat called Pike from Vapaaherranelämää, and head towards the local fishing waters. The fishing guide reveals the best secrets and the fish will catch the hook!

Life in the Archipelago

Elämää saaristossa

We get to learn about the real life of islanders in the Inkoo archipelago. The taxi boat Diana takes us through spectacular scenery towards Storö and the Trade Museum in the outer archipelago. In the charming Trade Museum the time has stopped in the 50s. Next we stop by at  island Stora Lövö, meet and greet the animals grazing on the island and, whilst we are in the archipelago, enjoy a tasty fish soup of course. The guide tells us about the life in the archipelago now and during the days gone by. What a wonderful day in lovely scenery!