Paddling at Siuntio River

Siuntio River is an excellent destination for paddling leisurely on the magical river landscape. The green river is called the Amazon River of Finland for a reason. The river route from Siuntio’s old Vicarage runs through two lakes, Tjusträsk and Vikträsk, and ends at the SE-Action Canoe Center by the sea. On the way, you pass by Sjundby’s medieval castle and beautiful rural scenerys. And at the end of the day you can relax by enjoying Sjundby ice cream on the Canoe Center’s terrace by the sea. The Siuntio River is waiting for you!


Address: Pappilantie 109, 02570 Siuntio

SE-Action Oy
Tel. +358 9 256 4040

Villa Sofia

Villa Sofia is a good place for getaway from the daily life. Our location in an island gives you the feeling of being detached from normal daily routines and the busy life. The tranquility of archipelago and the harmony of surrounding nature has certain healing effects which everone can easily find out themselves.​

Villa Sofia is located in a small village of Barösund where you can also find (during the summer time) a minimarket, restaurant, cafeteria and guest harbour.

Villa Sofia
Address: Valhallantie 8, 10270 Barösund

Ragvalds Open Air Museum

Porkkalan parenteesi Ragvalds

Ragvalds Open Air Museum – local history and cultural flora

Ragvalds Open Air Museum is located along the route of old King’s Road, only 1½ kilometres from downtown Kirkkonummi. The rustic history of Ragvalds goes back to the 16th century. The surroundings, artefacts and building stock of farmstead have remained untouched from the latest modern amendments.

Eliasvillan – Porkkala Parenthesis exhibition

Parenthesis in Ragvalds

Ragvalds belonged to the area of Soviet naval base during 1944-1956. In the Porkkala Parenthesis Exhibition one can get acquainted with the evacuation of region in 1944, life in and during the naval base era and the ambience felt in 1956 when the area was ceded back to Finland. Exhibition consists of old photographs and documents and items found from the area.

There are concrete items and a buoy of anti-submarine net related to the exhibition outside the Eliasvillan building.

Adults and children welcome!

Museum is open during summer Saturdays, on other times via pre-arrangement. One can explore the flora of the area spontaneously. It is advisable for the groups to arrange visits beforehand.

The entrance fee for the Ragvalds Open Air Museum is 2 € for adults.

Opening hours: 1.6.-31.8. on Saturdays 11am to 3pm

GPS: N 60°07.370′ , E 024°25.046′

Ragvalds Open Air Museum

Address: Överbyntie 140, 02400 Kirkkonummi

Tel: 09 29671